Face plant, pass go, head directly to the ER


So yesterday, I took the kids to Chili’s for lunch, figuring that afterward we would run errands in preparation for today’s Girl Scouts Milk & Cookies w/ the Mayor.

That did not happen.

Instead, while I was calculating the tip, the E-man decided he was cold. He pulled his arms inside his t-shirt. Then he pulled his knees into his chest and pulled the shirt down over his legs.

So when he lost his balance and fell out of our booth, he had no free appendages to help catch his fall.

The E-man landed smack on his face and forehead.

I leaped across the booth, spilling water everywhere, in my effort to get to him.

There was much hysteria. Screaming. Crying. Oh, and the blood. Which was spewing from his nose.

People, this fall was so awful, there was a collective gasp from the booths around us. Everyone — not just me — freaked the eff out.

A manager escorted us to the restroom, where I tried to staunch the flow of blood while assessing the E-man’s head injury.

The manager brought us a huge bag of ice, a towel and wads of tissue.

To the manager and patrons of Chili’s: I know we seriously disrupted lunch. I apologize especially for the copious amounts of blood.

Once the E-man calmed down, I walked him back to the table, where Tootie was waiting, gathered our belongings and headed for the door.

I knew we needed to get that rapidly rising bump on the E-man’s head checked out.

As we left, two women who had witnessed his tumble asked if I was taking him to the ER.

“We’re nurses,” one said. “You need to get him looked at.”

And thus the mama panic truly set in.

All the way to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the E-man sobbed, telling me how much his head hurt. I told him to take deep breaths. I even counted aloud to five with him during those breaths.

There were a LOT of people at Children’s. We waited there nearly five hours to see a doctor. But everyone — from the staff to the other parents — was super-nice. I got to know a lot of people yesterday, that’s for sure!

The E-man, thankfully, was fine.

In fact, we went from this:

That, my friends, is a giant knot. And an injured nose.

That, my friends, is a giant knot. And an injured nose.

To this:

Drinking Gatorade, to make sure it stays down.

Drinking Gatorade, to make sure it stays down.

Despite the doctor’s assurances, I made the E-man sleep with me and even woke him up in the middle of the night. Because, yes. I am paranoid when it comes to head injuries.

As for his mama?

Well, let’s just say she made herself a very potent cocktail.



6 thoughts on “Face plant, pass go, head directly to the ER

  1. Oh man. I would need several cocktails after that. How did you manage to drive after that?

    On the brightside: you got to eat some yummy food before a 5 (why five hours?!?!) hour wait at the hospital.

    Hope he’s feeling better today.


    1. Thanks, Kristin! I spent the drive telling the E-man the take deep, slow breaths while trying not to freak out and cry myself! He is feeling much better and is still wearing his hospital wristband as a badge of honor.


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