Shoulder surgery – ugh.

So tomorrow the doctor will repair this blasted shoulder.

Which is good, in that I hate being in limbo and I’m ready to get started on the long process of restoring this part of my body.

The bad? Well, I’m kind of coward when it comes to surgery.

I’ve had it before: double bunionectomy, in 2001.

But that was before kids. And also? That time I came to while they were removing the breathing tube. Trust me. That is NOT the way you want to wake up. And once I could breathe again, I immediately felt like I was going to throw up. Luckily, the nurse understood why I was pointing at my stomach and immediately dumped the appropriate meds into my IV.

But this will be a whole different ballgame, mainly because this time around, I’m a mother.

On the bright side, Hubs is a great cook. On the negative, I won’t be able to snuggle both kids at the same time. Or do all of the things I normally do with them, especially on weekends, when we go adventuring. (Hubs works most weekends, so I’m the primary parent on Saturdays and Sundays.)

As I understand it, I’ll be in a sling for several weeks and physical therapy for several months. Oh, and no Zumba, which is going to drive me crazy because I LOVE my Zumba classes.

Anyway, wish me luck! Will report back in the next few days. (Yes, I can type one-handed.)

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