You know you are a Girl Scout leader when …

You find glue sticks in unusual places … like melted onto the front seat of your car.

You use empty cookie boxes as extra storage space at work.

Your co-workers use empty cookie boxes as extra storage space at work.

You have more markers than a pre-K teacher.

You make sure there’s a bottle of wine waiting for you after troop meetings. Especially because you have one girl who passes out at the sight of blood and a child who asks, “What is God?” at your first-ever meeting.

The number of photos of your scouts rivals the number of photos of your family members  — even during the holidays.

Little girls run up and hug you during school field trips or parties.

Parents enthusiastically acknowledge you at the grocery store, even when you are decked out in your Zumba party attire.

Your husband groans, “Oh no … another meeting?” when September arrives.

— Dedicated to all of my Girl Scout friends and volunteers

Never forget: What we do does make a difference!


Let’s get physical

I’m a big believer in preventative care, whether it’s the annual physical, the girly exam, an eye checkup, whatever.

And it’s because of my most recent annual physical with my primary-care doctor that I finally learned why I’ve been so dang tired all the time lately.

Er, no, Mom. I’m not pregnant.

Apparently, my red blood count indicated a problem, which led to a B12-level test and voila — an explanation for this ridiculous fatigue.

Go here for more details.

I’m now getting monthly shots and using sublingual  drops on a daily basis. Let’s hope this regimen starts to have an effect soon.

My point, however, is this: Because of the physical, I now know why I’m exhausted and can do something to fix the problem.

Without those annual blood tests, I would have kept on struggling each day with the fatigue, wondering whether I should call the doctor for something I couldn’t even really define without sounding weird.

I mean, what working mom isn’t tired all the time?

And so, my fellow mamas, I want to remind you that we need to take care of ourselves too. Make those yearly exams for yourself — not just the kids.