Freebie Friday: Baking Around the World

This adorable cookbook for kids is up for grabs today!

Baking Around the World teaches children about cuisine in other countries, while offering recipes that are kid-friendly.

The set comes with four baking cups and a whisk.

Recipes include Vanilla Cupcakes in a Cone; Korean Sweet Potato Cake; South African Pumpkin Bread Pudding and more…

To enter, leave a comment below!

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Moody Mom

Happy Friday!


This and that

‘Tis been a busy, busy couple of weeks.

The week before last, I headed up to a Newport nursing home, which was getting its first residential dog — who was fresh out of prison.

By “prison” I don’t mean the pound. Lilly, a rat terrier mix, came from the Paws in Prison program. For more info on that, go here.

Before Lilly’s arrival, I had fun checking out the welcome-party decor.

Tres’ cute, no?

Lilly’s extra-adorable dog bed.

And here’s the photo shot by Democrat-Gazette photographer Stephen Thornton.

I love writing happy stories like this one!

For more Paws in Prison photos, go to the Democrat-Gazette’s photo gallery here. (Hubs took these!)

LAST Friday, I met my friend Amy and her toddler for dinner at Starving Artist. Then we headed over to the First Pres Craft Bazaar and Bake Sale in Argenta.

Saturday, Tootie, the E-man and I visited the Museum of Discovery.

I hadn’t yet been since the big unveil.

My verdict?


I had just as much fun as the kids. If you haven’t been yet, go.

Tootie at the museum.

And the E-man.

And yes, I did try out the bed of nails. My favorite, however, was riding out the tornado. It gave me a better idea as a reporter what it’s like to actually experience one, rather than just covering it.

Sunday was the church potluck at First Pres. Immediately after that, we headed over to Sherwood Forest to decorate for this year’s Girl Scouts Mom & Me event.

It was a lot of fun. The troops performed some truly hilarious skits.

I’ll leave you with this:

The E-man had to attend our most recent Girl Scout meeting due to Hubs’ work schedule.

Here, I present a group of girls working on a thank-you poster:

Poster fun.

Then I looked over to see what the E-man was up to.

Boys and potty humor. Sigh.

And then,  of course, there was Thanksgiving.

This year I got smart. We ate Thanksgiving dinner as an evening meal. That gave me all day to relax before starting preparations.

The menu: Roast turkey breast; fried turkey breast; a creamed corn casserole; cornbread stuffing; sweet potato casserole; rolls and pumpkin pie.

Here’s Tootie in her holiday finery:

Photo by Hubs.



‘Tis the (deer) season!

If you’d told me 12 years ago that I’d look forward to the opening of gun season, I would have laughed at you.


Marrying into Hubs’ family ensured that I now LOOK FORWARD to the debut of camo.

For Hubs, it’s a time to commune with nature. When, that is, he’s not out there offing a buck.

For me, it’s a time to socialize.

You see, Hubs’ family hails from an area especially devoted to deer hunting — so much so, there is an annual festival on the weekend that gun season opens.

And I love it.

I love wandering from house to house, sampling scrumptious potluck spreads and catching up on all the family news. I love the bonfires. I love watching my kids play in this vast playground steeped in family tradition.

I love the parade, which, as tradition dictates, always starts late. I love dropping by the old general store owned by Hubs’ family for generations. I love the afternoon talent show, attended by proud parents in blood-stained camo.

So yeah. I got sucked in long ago. Even though I don’t frequent a deer stand.

My baby’s favorite ride.

Tootie prepping for the talent show. This year, she sang “Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood. Tootie won in her age group for vocal solo.

Here she is with her trophy.

Here’s the band from the Cummins prison. They were fabulous! Lots of country, southern rock and blues. Perfect. I hear they’re already booked for next year’s festival!

I am a parade junkie.

Hubs got a buck that very morning. This means we’ll be feasting on venison chili and deer spaghetti this winter!

And here are the kids at the old, old, old family general store. That’s cousin Gary at the register. And yes. My baby is crossing his eyes. It’s his latest means of showing that he disapproves of having to pose for photos. Sigh.

Happy hunting, everyone!