I KNEW there was a reason to fear outhouses and port-a-potties

There’s something about sitting over a deep, earthen hole that just totally creeps me out. I mean, who knows what’s down there, inching its way up, ready to sink its fangs into my a– EEK!!

You will never convince me that creepy things don’t live down there. Mutant things.

As a devoted X-files fan, I felt ever so vindicated when they aired the episode about the tapeworm dude who lived in the sewers. Completely plausible, I say!

And then today, on CNN, I find this clip about a granny who called 911 because there was a squirrel SWIMMING IN HER TOILET.

The cop who responded said that when the squirrel leaped out, he hopped onto the counter.

The theory as to HOW a bushy-tailed rodent ended up in some poor, unsuspecting woman’s potty?

The sewer drain.

I KNEW it.

One thought on “I KNEW there was a reason to fear outhouses and port-a-potties

  1. It’s better than the rats that are the most likely creature to appear unexpectedly in your toilet. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but I know someone who’s endured this particular horror. Watch out!


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