The House(s) of Plague

So Monday, we got the first call.

“Don’t worry! Nothing’s wrong. It’s just that the E-man’s tummy is hurting.”

So Hubs picked up our little kindergartner and I took the afternoon off to stay home with him. Thankfully, he never developed any symptoms of full-fledged stomach flu, which has been making the rounds in his class.

Today, we got another call from the school.

Tootie had a sore throat and fever. Oh, and strep throat has been making the rounds in her class.

One trip to the pedi and a throat culture later, we learned that yes, Tootie did indeed have strep.

I called Moody Mom to report the verdict, since little Bear is especially prone to strep and the girls are in the same class.

A few hours later, she called me.

“Bear’s been throwing up all afternoon and evening,” she said.

“Oh, the poor little thing,” I said.

And then I thought: Oh, please, please, don’t let us get a stomach bug on top of strep throat. Eek.

And I’m quite sure that Moody Mom is thinking, Oh, please, please, don’t let us get strep throat on top of a stomach virus.

Let’s just say that when I refer to our children as little Germinators, I’m not being facetious.

2 thoughts on “The House(s) of Plague

  1. I will take strap over the stomach bug anytime. I have been cleaning up poop and vomit for six straight hours last night. Now I am washing everything. Poor little Becca was on the potty for about 3 hours straight yesterday with a thrash can in front of her vomiting at the same time. Better today – drinking fluids and eating toast and yogurt. Everything stayed down but still has a low grade fever and has not got out of bed. Hope Tootie feels better soon.


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