Usurped by my uterus, betrayed by my bladder

So during my recent spring break jaunt down to my folks’ home in Texas, my sister told me about this new place she thought the kids would love: Jumpstreet, an indoor trampoline park.

“Sounds great!” I said.

So off we went.

Upon arriving, I was so impressed by the setup that I went ahead and got an wristband for myself too. I mean, why should my offspring have all the fun? And why would I pass up an opportunity to embarrass them?

My sister watched skeptically as I bounced.

And then she raced off to get her own wristband.

Jen and I had a blast. But we quickly learned that jumping on a trampoline as adults ā€” and after a couple of pregnancies to boot ā€” differs greatly from jumping on a trampoline during those limber days of childhood.

Not only were there a few near misses when it came to injuries, we experienced a most unpleasant realization …

You see, despite many potty breaks, we still found it necessary to bounce with our legs pressed together, for fear of embarrassing ourselves rather than the children.

Because after a couple of kids? Well, the internal organs just ain’t where they used to be.

And now, I present to you a video of my trampoline race with the E-man.

Because truly, I have no shame.

6 thoughts on “Usurped by my uterus, betrayed by my bladder

  1. I’ve only seen pictures of trampoline parks but they look soooo fun! Glad for the bladder warning so I won’t embarass myself too much if I ever go to one!


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