Weekend in the Ozarks Part II and some catching up…

We had so much fun celebrating Tootie’s birthday in the mountains, we decided to go again for the E-man’s.

Hubs had to work, so it was just me and kids this time.

I highly recommend the Lost Valley Trail for children. It's only 2.5 miles and it boasts a cave, falls and a grapevine for swinging.



This tiime, we had a picnic at the falls.

End result of hike.


Slumber party in the loft. The E-man is already asleep. Tootie and I sat up late reading.


On March 12, the Girl Scouts organization celebrated its 100th anniversary. I took Tootie to the Birthday Bash at the Clinton Library, where we mingled with girls from all over the state.

There was quite a crowd!


Hanging with Juliette Low...


We wrapped up cookie season with a booth sale in the rain…

Here, the girls are waiting to pounce on unsuspecting Lowe's customers.


And then, this past weekend, I bravely agreed to let Tootie and the E-man have a sleepover on the same night.

Which is how I ended up with five kids roaming the hallway in the wee hours. I made it until 1:30 a.m. before calling it a night. Hubs says that around 4 a.m., they came into our room asking for ice cream.

I — allegedly — told them that was fine and to go help themselves.

Hubs claims that I was sleep-talking nonsense and that he wisely ushered them back to bed.

Outnumbered and outwitted.


And in closing, here’s a picture of my two naughty dogs, who spent last night dragging out pots and pans and eating my bento lunchbox.

This time, I blame Bandit.



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