A not entirely successful granchild portrait session

This year, my mother set her hopes on getting a photograph of her, my dad and their four grandchildren.

Not an easy task, it turns out, when the only cooperative boy grandchild turns out to be … the baby.

Everyone, including Baby Logan, is smiling pleasantly. But Cousin Kirin closed his eyes. And the E-man is ... grimacing.

The E-man continues to grimace. Kirin is offering a sarcastic grin.

Sigh. At least the baby's having fun.

Baby Logan has been very patient thus far, but his boy cousins' refusal to cooperate is starting to get to the little guy. Poor Tootie continues to smile sweetly, unaware of her cousin and brother's antics.

Are we done yet?

Baby Logan, realizing the perfect photo displaying his cuteness is unattainable, wants down. Tootie's smile has become a bit strained.

Where'd everybody go?


2 thoughts on “A not entirely successful granchild portrait session

  1. Remind me to tell you about the time we attempted to get pictures of Alaina with her cousins AND her cousins were getting pictures with their cousins. In all, I think we had more than 12 kids we were trying to wrangle. Chaos doesn’t even begin to describe it.


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