A valuable lesson at the local pizza joint

Saturday, my friend Kelly and I took the kids to Larry’s, which, of course has the mini-Chuck E. Cheese game room.

Tootie and her BFF, Olivia, managed to scrounge up a few stray tickets they found on the floor or sticking out of machines. They gloated over their treasure to the E-man, who remained ticketless. (Kelly and I had no money for the games.) Finally, at my request, Tootie VERY grudgingly gave the little guy one of her tickets. Which wouldn’t even garner him a Tootsie Roll  at the prize counter. (Tootie ate two, right in front of him.)

After seeing the E-man’s downcast expression, I went out to the car and found a couple of quarters. The E-man got two tokens and slid them into a machine.

And promptly hit the jackpot.

Tickets poured out, 631 to be exact.

The girls watched, dumbfounded and envious.

The E-man picked up his gigantic heap of tickets and proudly marched them to our table, where the pizzas were waiting.

Kelly shot a sideways glance at the girls, who were clearly not happy with this turn of events, and snickered.

“I bet you’re sorry you didn’t share your tickets with him earlier, huh?”

After picking out a can of Silly String, the E-man generously shared his tickets with the girls.

Who, I hope, will remember that it behooves one to share.

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