Let’s give Kate a break, shall we?

I’ve never been a big fan of the many Gosselin avenues of entertainment, mainly because of the kids involved.

That said —

I’m a little confused as to why Kate’s getting all the grief lately.

She works too much. She’s gone too much. She puts her “job” first.

First, I must ask the same question she posed last week:

What exactly does Jon do to contribute to the care and feeding of eight kids?

As I recall, he’s done quite a bit of traveling himself. Only his trips involved girlfriends and the guy who designs those ugly Gadzooks-looking T-shirts.

Yes, the couple made the choice to take the TV route. But I would argue there are few jobs that offer salaries that will cover the needs of a family of 10. The offer had to be pretty tempting.

So here they are. Split up. In separate cities. Eight kids.

Someone’s got to pull an income. And I would argue that if it were Jon who was doing all the work-related traveling, appearing on shows, writing books, etc… there wouldn’t be the same degree of criticism that Kate’s received.

Sad, isn’t it, that even now, a working mom is still judged more harshly than a working dad.

We count her hours, the school plays missed, the baseball practices skipped. Where is the monitoring of Daddy’s hours?

Kate doesn’t come across as likable much of the time. But she lives with a lot of pressure. Eight children. A husband who skipped town. Maintaining a income.

Let’s give her a break. And focus on how little she sleeps, how little “me time” she gets, and how Jon, in many respects, has proved to be a ninth child.