Next round of thank-yous — to the Prayer Warriors

Really, I feel as though I was prayed home. My parents and sisters prayed. The congregation at First Presbyterian in Argenta — our church — prayed. And so did countless other churches and prayer groups and, well, people all over this state, many of whom have never even met me.

Several people have noted the timing of my rescue: 12:45 p.m. Central Time on Sunday, pretty much right after church services concluded.

I did a lot of praying myself, granted. But there’s something about knowing that others out there are doing a little chatting-up with God on your behalf.

My mom prayed that I wasn’t scared in Rick’s absence. And you know, I wasn’t. Once he left, I actually felt relieved, because we’d finally made the decision that we both knew was inevitable.

Mainly, I focused on the stars that first night. Out in that part of Texas, where it’s so desolate that there just isn’t light anywhere, the night sky is magnificent.

The Friday after we returned to Arkansas, Rick and I went to our primary-care doctor for follow-up care. He ordered some lab work, which worried me a bit. At the hospital, I had four different IV sites during my time there. And there were a couple of failed attempts to find veins on my hands. I wasn’t confident that there was much left for the lab technician to work with.

“Sorry,” I said, as she poked around for something usable. “I’ve been in the hospital. I’m the one who was lost in the desert.”

She stopped, looked up and grinned.

“I’m one of the Prayer Warriors who prayed for you,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said. “Tell the others it worked.”

I also need to thank the many people who brought over food — first for my parents and kids, and then for Rick and me.

We’re fortunate to know some really talented cooks, so not only are we not in the kitchen, we’re eating food that’s better than we would normally make!

Lastly, there are our many friends who sought to help my parents, who were trying to shield the children from what was happening even as they took calls from Rick and remained in constant communication with sheriff’s dispatchers in the area.

They visited my folks at our house, handled all of the media calls and kept the kids distracted.

Which brings me to one of the little miracles that occurred in our absence.

The Sunday that we were due to return, my parents knew that they would have to tell the children that we weren’t coming home and why. At that point, I remained missing. One of my sisters drove up here and prepared to explain — or to try to explain — everything to our kids.

But that day, just before she sat down with them, one of my friends (Moody Mom, in fact), arrived at the house and offered to take the children over to her place for awhile.

As the kids played over at Kristina’s house, the call came: I had been found. Alive.

That means that when my sister had to tell the children that we wouldn’t be home that night because I had been lost, she also could quickly add that I had been found.

It was only one instance of divine timing.

On Saturday, my dad opened a bottle of champagne he had bought to celebrate our return.

My mom wanted to offer a toast to someone she thought needed toasting. She spoke briefly.

And then, as our glasses clinked together, she mused, “I bet that’s the first time someone made a toast to God.”

Pen and Ink drawing of First Pres in Argenta by Dr. Mary Ann Stafford.

Pen and Ink drawing of First Pres in Argenta by Dr. Mary Ann Stafford.



7 thoughts on “Next round of thank-yous — to the Prayer Warriors

  1. On Saturday night (while you were still missing), I prayed for you every time I walked by your desk. I just couldn’t imagine never seeing you sitting there again.


  2. I am sooooo glad you’re back, and that you’re safe and sound (as sound as any of us can be anyway ). I’d love to hug you when you come in the newsroom, but because you don’t need to be hacking up a lung on top of everything else, I won’t. Just know you’re loved.


  3. I believe you WERE prayed home, by hundreds, if not thousands of people all over the country. Our thanks are added to yours to everyone, especially to all of those in Arkansas who were so completely loving and helpful to us.


  4. I have no doubt you were prayed home! There were so many people up here in Kentucky, as well as a number of different churches here, that really were lifting you up in prayer. I’m just still rejoicing over the miracle of answered prayer on your behalf!!! I updated my church on Sunday and was able to thank all of them who prayer for you. Thank God you are home!!


  5. When I tell people about your miracle, I often phrase it, “We prayed the searchers to her.” That’s the image in my head – that somehow our prayers created a path that led them to you. I picture God taking your rescuers’ hands and pulling them to walk in your direction. And I imagine Him magnifying your cry for help so they could hear it. And then I thank God again for finding my lost sister!


  6. We are just so thankful for your miracle rescue and the Lord’s timing and watchcare over you. Glad you are recovering so well.


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