I once was lost …

First, a big thanks to my fellow Little Rock Mamas for their love and support.

I return to work tomorrow, and can’t wait to see them and the rest of my newsroom family.

As for my rather harrowing adventure — yes, I was found naked. I’ve been giggling like a a teenage boy over all of the media accounts of my nudity when rescuers stumbled across me.  London’s Daily Mail account is by far my favorite. It manages to use “naked” four times in the top third of the story.

(Yeah, humor is my favorite coping mechanism.)

I will be writing a story about everything that happened out there. Because, yes — writing also is a form a therapy for me.

Right now, however, I want to thank the many people who worked tirelessly to make sure that I was found.

Tucked under my little shade-tree/bush, I felt so tiny in that vast desert.

I yelled at the helicopter each time it flew over me. I periodically called out for help, just in case any search-and-rescue teams might be nearby.

And then, Sunday, that team of men and women rushed down into the arroyo where I had drifted in and out of consciousness.

I was stunned by the number of people who had been looking for me. And I was even more stunned when I found out that my searchers included not only those in the air and on the ground, but also Arkansas State Police, politicians in Arkansas and Texas, and federal authorities working from both states.

I was not, however, surprised to learn of my newsroom family’s efforts. I knew my friends and bosses would be making calls and hounding anyone they thought might be able to help. So even while lost in the desert, I comforted myself with two facts:

My husband, if he was still alive, wouldn’t quit until I was found.

My newsroom friends would be just as tenacious.

When I refer to those friends, I am including those who used to work at the paper before changing careers, by the way. You can take a journalist out of a newsroom, but …

Anyway, thank you, ALL of you.

I’m on the mend. Recovery is quite a bit slower than I’d like, but I’m trying to be patient. Right now, most of the pain comes from my knee — which may mean yet another doctor’s visit — and from the cactus thorns that remain in my hands and mouth.

(Mouth? Uh. Yeah. I ate a lot of cactus out there. Turns out that even the pulp contains tiny, hairlike needles. Ow.)

I leave you with a photo of my poor, battered, scratched-up legs. (Hubs took this picture in the hospital.)

Yes, they look pretty awful. But those legs served me well. And I have a new appreciation for my body — for both its strengths AND its limits. I would, however, prefer not to put them to the test again anytime soon!






29 thoughts on “I once was lost …

  1. So glad you’re on the mend, Cathy. Your former newsroom friends from lifetimes ago have been praying for you, too. 🙂


  2. I can’t wait to give you a big hug tomorrow — if that won’t hurt you. And like Hubs, I’m not much of a hugger, either 🙂


  3. I thought it was super nice of you to strip down so you could give your gallant rescuers a thrill. For next year’s anniversary celebration, I’m thinking a nice backyard barbecue? So relieved you’re safe.


  4. Those legs are FINE looking!! And the picture posted in one of the articles that Rick took of you standing (still clothed but captioned that you were already days into the ordeal?) had me in awe, that in spite of what you were facing, you managed to look damn good. And what us it that makes me think Mrs. Colvin would be proud on SO many fronts….


  5. Well I am a hugger, a big digital hugger. Big hug. Glad you’re back and hope the paper is nice to you about unexpected sick leave. Have a good week back!


  6. My sweet, wonderful friend. I almost felt sorry for anyone or anything that might get in Rick’s way to find you. I am so so so glad you are the amazing people you are. Love you!


    1. Thanks so much for supporting him through all of that. He said you were even offering to drive in. He truly is my hero when it’s all said and done. One of the El Paso news stations did a story on him and how his photos helped the teams find me. Love you!


  7. We have been following your “adventure” through the news accounts from the DG, and through Troy and Lisa. So happy your ordeal is over and that you are both safe! Continued prayers from Nebraska!!


  8. Cathy,
    I’m so glad you guys made it! Glad to hear you’re on the mend! Take care!
    Look forward to seeing you again someday and meeting Rick.


  9. So very glad you’re back home. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! And just let me know when you guys want that spaghetti dinner — its Matt’s specialty! We all know I don’t cook. 🙂


  10. Cathy, yes, the media obsession with your nakedness was pretty interesting. Glad you can laugh about it! Best wishes on a full recovery from Carolyne and I, and steer clear of that cactus! John Krupa


    1. Thanks, John. My distaste for cactus is such that even the thought of a margarita boasting any type of cactus juice makes me shudder.


  11. Welcome home to you both from all of us in the Circulation Department. Prayed for you both. What strong people you both are and what a great testament to all of us.


  12. So …I’ll leave my reply along with all these other lovely ones. Maybe to be lost. But please know that I would have (and truthfully tried) to disrupt every politician I had access to to get more people on the ground and helicopters in the sky. We love you and your beautiful bruised legs and mind. Welcome home sweet friend. Don’t dare do this to us again.


  13. Cathy,
    I posted links to your “lost” posts on the Central Arkansas Bloggers page in case others missed them. Just so glad all has turned out well.


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