Adventures in motherhood

Or, alternate title: How did a marble get in the toilet?

I was reminded of this mystery when reading a Facebook post today by a mother who had found a random piece of poop in her kid’s bedroom. For her sake, I hope she figures it out.

I say this because I’m still perplexed — a year later — as to how a marble ended up in our potty.

At first, I thought maybe one of the kids dropped it in there. Or maybe it fell out of a pocket. Thing is, we didn’t have any marbles at the time. OK, so many one of them found it somewhere and kept it.

Initial line of questioning:

Me: So, which one of you lost a marble lately? Ha-ha!

Blank stares. They clearly don’t appreciate my stab at humor.

Me: OK. So, I found a marble in the toilet. I’ve done the honor of washing it. Who does it belong to?

More blank stares.

Me: You’re not in trouble! One of you, take the marble.

Both children: Ewww!!!

At which point a couple of disturbing thoughts slid through my mind:

Could one of them have … ? No, surely not… That would require eating a marble for THAT to happen, and first- and third-graders don’t do that. ……………. Or do they?

Yes, people, I actually accused the kids of ingesting and then pooping out a marble. They merely looked at me like I was an absolute idiot.

Hubs did the same when I tried — subtly, I thought — asking him if he knew how a marble ended up in the toilet.

“Surely you are NOT asking me if I did what I think you’re suggesting, right?” he asked incredulously.

Me: Blank stare.

He denied it. Of course.

Perhaps one of the dogs…???


4 thoughts on “Adventures in motherhood

  1. Glad to know I’m not alone in poopville. I found a random log near the front door on my way out today … although I’m pretty sure that came from the puppy. (Like, say, 90 percent sure : )


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