The Promenade at Chenal – Health Fest Fun!

So today, we braved the icky weather and headed out to the Family Health Fest at the Promenade at Chenal.

I’m happy to report that my blood pressure was great and my blood sugar was stellar. The kids also had their blood pressure checked. They passed, however, on the finger prick!

Tootie tries to interpret her blood pressure reading...

Tootie tries to interpret her blood pressure reading…

The tests were conducted by staff from St. Vincent Family Clinic. I was also planning to have an EKG done, but …



… the A.W. Lin’s booth beckoned.

The kids and I devoured the Thai Spicy Red Curry with Chicken and rice. I also sampled the Joy Sushi Roll, which was a tasty bundle of bean curd, cream cheese and tempura crunch topped with sliced avocado. LOVED THIS!

While I talked to people at the heart health booth, Tootie and the E-man visited Suri Orthodontics, leaving with a tooth-care kit. Tootie also kindly picked up a “men’s cancer thingy” for Hubs. (This would be an information packet from the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Association.)

The kids’ favorite stop was another St. Vincent booth where they got to don surgical duds…

Dr. Tootie will see you now.

Dr. Tootie will see you now.

… and even got their “broken fingers” plastered up. This was pretty cool. The doctor simply wrapped a finger in gauze, sprayed a little water, and minutes later, each child sported rock-hard plaster on their tiny appendages. They plan on wearing these to school next week.

The E-man watches as his finger is wrapped.

The E-man watches as his finger is wrapped.

And here's Tootie's "broken finger."

And here’s Tootie’s “broken finger.”

I meant to take the kids over to see the firefighters fire truck, but we ran out of time!

While tempted to go try more delicious food at A.W. Lin’s, I decided to take the children to Local Lime, since I’ve been wanting to sample their tacos for the longest time. I wasn’t disappointed. My chicken tacos were fabulous, and I warmed up nicely after drinking a Texas Two-Step, which has a touch of jalapeno in it!

Last stop was at Maggie Moo’s for ice cream. This made us cold all over again, but was well worth the chattering teeth!

(This post is sponsored by The Promenade at Chenal. All opinions, however, are mine. And Tootie’s. And the E-man’s!)

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