Review: Bali Suresize Wirefree Bra

If you’re like me, and the first thing you discard upon arriving home are your shoes and bra, then this is a must-try item.

When at JC Penney a few weeks ago, I noticed the Bali Suresize Wirefree Bra on my way to the children’s section. I impulsively tried it on and bought it.

And then I fell in love.


I’m a D. I also spent 2 1/2 years nursing babies, and have since assumed that underwire was a necessity. Not with this bra.

These Balis come in all sorts of colors and with varying cuts to accommodate different necklines. Best of all — the prices are great. This one, pictured below, is only $22.

I plan on buying at least three more in the very near future!



Review by Arkie Mama

7 thoughts on “Review: Bali Suresize Wirefree Bra

  1. As your saggy C+ friend, I’m going to have to give those a try! Because I’ve been living in sports bras on the weekends … it ain’t cool.


  2. Oh yeah, I discovered one of Bali’s wireless babies a few months ago. LOVE them! I’m thinking of having a bonfire for my old underwires!


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