Tara! I’ll go home. I’ll go … floral.

So apparently the Fashion Gods decreed that this season will consist of clothes that look like one of my dogs yakked up Grandma’s curtains.

I mean, really?



Look! Someone pulled a Scarlett! I’m betting, however, that Rhett’s not impressed:

Double blech.

Double blech.

Here’s my real issue with this spring’s floral craze — only the skinniest of women want to emphasize a butt with … eye-catching flowers?! Seriously? I spend more time downplaying that particular asset then I do shopping for bras. Why, WHY, would any woman put these on, let alone wear them out in public? Little Shop of Horrors indeed.

My eyes. My EYES!

My eyes. My EYES!







5 thoughts on “Tara! I’ll go home. I’ll go … floral.

  1. I will pass on this trend. My mom has some floral pants and they look super cute on her, but floral is not for me.


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