‘Tis the (deer) season!

If you’d told me 12 years ago that I’d look forward to the opening of gun season, I would have laughed at you.


Marrying into Hubs’ family ensured that I now LOOK FORWARD to the debut of camo.

For Hubs, it’s a time to commune with nature. When, that is, he’s not out there offing a buck.

For me, it’s a time to socialize.

You see, Hubs’ family hails from an area especially devoted to deer hunting — so much so, there is an annual festival on the weekend that gun season opens.

And I love it.

I love wandering from house to house, sampling scrumptious potluck spreads and catching up on all the family news. I love the bonfires. I love watching my kids play in this vast playground steeped in family tradition.

I love the parade, which, as tradition dictates, always starts late. I love dropping by the old general store owned by Hubs’ family for generations. I love the afternoon talent show, attended by proud parents in blood-stained camo.

So yeah. I got sucked in long ago. Even though I don’t frequent a deer stand.

My baby’s favorite ride.

Tootie prepping for the talent show. This year, she sang “Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood. Tootie won in her age group for vocal solo.

Here she is with her trophy.

Here’s the band from the Cummins prison. They were fabulous! Lots of country, southern rock and blues. Perfect. I hear they’re already booked for next year’s festival!

I am a parade junkie.

Hubs got a buck that very morning. This means we’ll be feasting on venison chili and deer spaghetti this winter!

And here are the kids at the old, old, old family general store. That’s cousin Gary at the register. And yes. My baby is crossing his eyes. It’s his latest means of showing that he disapproves of having to pose for photos. Sigh.

Happy hunting, everyone!

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