Tales from the Big Bend … 2012

OK, so yeah.

This is just a teaser.

For those who have followed my Big Bend adventures over the years, you know that Hubs and I have battled javelina and skunks.

This year?

We were besieged by tarantulas. I’m just going to say here and now that big, furry spiders — especially those capable of rearing up on their hind legs or jumping — have no business hanging around my campground.


But more on that tomorrow.

Tonight, I’m going to tell you about how Hubs took photos of me as I was using the solar showers on our trip. I assure you, his subject had no idea this was happening.

Not only did he photograph me, the Hubster became aware that people driving on a nearby, adjacent highway probably saw more of me than they ever wanted to. Did he mention this rather important realization?

No. Because that would mean alerting me to his camera.

So embarrassing.

Never trust a photographer husband.

3 thoughts on “Tales from the Big Bend … 2012

  1. So glad to see that Little Rock Mamas is up and running again. I have missed it. And the photo…I’m sure that is one of the joys of having a photographer husband.


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