Meet American Girl Caroline (and enter a giveaway!)

Hey, Arkie Mama here!

My daughter, Tootie, loves American Girl books, especially those set in the 1970s up until today.

Still, she really enjoyed Meet Caroline — the latest book to be introduced by American Girl — because it’s one of the more action-packed stories.

The newest American Girl.

Caroline’s father owns a shipyard, and there’s nothing she loves more than sailing.

But one day, a British officer boards the ship and takes her father prisoner. (This book is set during the War of 1812.)  As the officer leads her father away, Caroline promises to help her mother run the shipyard.

Next comes a British attack on Caroline’s village, and it looks as though the Americans are in serious trouble.

Tootie found this book both exciting and also a little sad, mainly because of Caroline having to see her father taken prisoner. She liked the fact that Caroline’s dream is to one day captain her own ship.

Want your own copy for your daughter? I’m giving one away!

Leave a comment below, telling me which character is your daughter’s favorite and why. I’ll post a winner next week!



3 thoughts on “Meet American Girl Caroline (and enter a giveaway!)

  1. I would love to start reading the American Girl series with Bridgette!!! We don’t own any of the dolls yet, but that is not from lack of trying on Bridgette’s part!!!


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