Freebie Friday: Cookbook giveaway

Happy Friday, everyone!

I have in my hands the newly released Eat More of What You Love. Here’s the Amazon description:

The hardest foods to give up are the ones you love best – but Marlene Koch says,”you don’t have too!” Marlene Koch, author of the bestselling cookbook Eat What You Love: More than 300 Incredible Recipes Low in Sugar, Fat and Calories, has been dubbed a “magician in the kitchen” when it comes to slashing sugar, calories and fat, but never great taste – and here she delivers with over 200 brand-new super satisfying guilt-free recipes (under 350 calories!) that everyone will love!

From Mile High Meatloaf and Chicken Fried Steak with Cream Gravy to Stuffed Black and Blue Steak Burgers to Pizza Pasta Pie and Red Velvet Cupcakes, whether the foods you love are creamy, cheesy and fried, or fresh and fit, you’ll find them here – not only healthier – but more delicous than ever!

Here Marlene delivers more; more comfort foods like Sour Cream and Onion Smashed Potatoes and quick and easy Macaroni and Cheese Muffins, more restaurant classics like Chicken Fettucine Alfredo (330 calories versus the usual 1,400!!) and P.F. Chang-Style Mongolian Beef, more slow cooker recipes like Lazy Day Lasagna, more quick ‘n’ easy recipes like 15-Minute Shrimp Fettucine and Quick-Fix Carmelized Onions, and LOTS more desserts including her Amazing Pecan Pie Cups (with under a teaspoon of sugar in each!), Raspberry Oat Bars, and 90-Calorie Chocolate Cupcakes.

The other cookbook is My Baking Journal. Here’s the description:

Recipes passed on by friends and family, recommended by your favorite celebrity chefs or notes on recreating a great restaurant dessert, My Baking Journal is your constant companion. In the kitchen, on the go, with dedicated sections for your notes and elastic closure to secure any loose recipes, your old favorites will always be just a reach away.

Also featuring bonus recipes for inspiration, you can make your notes by taste or by type ensuring you can always find the treat you need in an instant. Sections covering handy hints and tips for baking in all four seasons, including Easter, picnics, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Valentines Day and keep note of what you served, and who to so you’re never caught serving the same thing twice!

To enter, leave a comment below telling me what some of your favorite summer dishes are. I need some ideas!



6 thoughts on “Freebie Friday: Cookbook giveaway

  1. This is gonna sound weird, but okay, so I am weird. But, I love a fresh out of the garden cucumber and tomato sandwich on Wonder bread.


  2. My favorite summer meal is bbq grilled.chicken, baked potatoes and fried zucchini slices from the garden. Yummy!


  3. Tomato or cucumber sandwiches fresh from the garden make great meals on hot days. I alos love shaved raw veggie salads with light dressings. If I cook then garden veggie meals are nice with things like squash, green beans with potatoes on top, fried green tomatoes corn on the cob (it’s even good wrapped in a wet paper towell and nuked in the microwave for a few minutes). Slow cooking in the crock pot is also nice for summer meals.


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