After a long hiatus … back to the Big Bend Tales

So last fall, I regaled you with tales from our last trip to Big Bend National Park and surrounding small towns. (Background: Hubs and I got married there 11 years ago and return each year for ((sans children)) for a week of camping and roaming and hiking.)

I started off last October with the first tale, which focused on our pet skunk. Ever showered with a skunk? I have.

And then I followed up with this post and this one and this one.

And then I got distracted by all sorts of other goings-on and never finished.


Having left Big Bend, Hubs and I next headed to Chinati Hot Springs, recommended to us by former Democrat-Gazette executive editor Griffin Smith, who also has a fondness for the Big Bend area.

Getting there involved a lengthy — but absolutely breath-taking — drive.

Upon arrival, we unloaded our gear in our one-room cottage, which boasted a fenced-in outdoor tub fed by natural hot springs.

After days of hiking, I couldn’t wait to get in. Before trying out our own tub, however, Hubs and I decided to venture into one of several public tubs. We settled on this pretty spot:


Periodically, we’d look behind us, up on that bluff in the background, and see a herd of wild burros.

After a long soak, we sat outside for awhile on a roomy swing, drinking wine and laughing over our most recent adventures, i.e. a 12-mile hike that included a thunderstorm while we were on top of a mountain.

We loved this swing. Hubs studied it closely, hoping that at some point he could build one for us at home.

Next, we headed to the large, communal kitchen, where Hubs whipped up a marinade for the steaks we’d brought.

I LOVED this kitchen. It had a long porch running behind it, where we drank coffee in the morning. It was open and sunshiney and also had a large dining room.

Here's a portion of the dining area. There were also a lot of picnic tables outside, near the grills.

That night, a large, extended family from New Mexico arrived. We ended up sharing the picnic tables outside and therefore got to indulge in their homemade salsa and tortillas.

The next morning, I finally got to try out our private tub.

I wish I could take a bath outside every day during the warmer months!

Here’s a photo montage from Chinati Springs’ website:

Rugged, but oh so pretty.

After a relaxing stay here, we headed next to Terlingua, home to the chili cookoff, great bars and … scorpions.


2 thoughts on “After a long hiatus … back to the Big Bend Tales

  1. We start our winter trip from our home in Pocahontas to Arizona every January with a stop at Big Bend. Usually stay in Rio Vista Village Campground. We do not tent camp. We prefer camping in style in our travel trailer.

    Have had many wildlife experiences over the last eleven years at Big Bend. No skunk episodes however.

    We have witnessed weddings in Big Bend. Perhaps we witnessed yours. It is a small world isn’t it.

    Enjoyed you posts


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