Freebie Friday: $10 gift card for Build-a-Bear Workshop

One Christmas season, several years ago, my stepdaughter took Tootie to the Build-a-Bear at Park Plaza Mall. Tootie created an adorable reindeer with sparkly red shoes. It’s still one of her more cherished stuffed animals.

Today, I’m giving away a $10 gift card for Build-a-Bear.

To enter, leave a comment below describing your children’s beloved “lovies.”

I’ll announce a winner next Wednesday. Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Freebie Friday: $10 gift card for Build-a-Bear Workshop

  1. My son who is now 2 Years old, has carried around “lovey” since he was old enough to travel. Given that lovey is white he needs to be washed/bleached quite often. At the fear of losing him, we searched and searched the internet to find a backup. And although he knows the difference between the original and the backup, lovey still travels with us always. I’ve even been reading the book “Owen” to him so that when school is around the corner he will be ok with taking just a piece of lovey with him. 🙂


  2. My granddaughter is 18 months old and she is very attached to her ladybug pillow pet. She was diagnosed with cancer last October and has gone through chemo and her pillow pet was her buddy through it all. She is very attached to a lot of animals and various dolls she has gotten since starting treatment, but her ladybug remains her favorite and her standby. Her nickname is Anabug and she is her Nana’s ladybug!


  3. We have four children, ages 9,7,5 & 3. Only our first two children became attached to an animal or lovie, but both are still attached. For my 7yo, it can be a hard night if ‘dog dog’ is in the wash. That completely creatively-named animal is a beige dog/dog face with a ‘blankie’ body. It was given by his Granna (deceased nearly 6 years ago) and has his name embroidered on it. DogDog travels well and has lived in in two states. When they wonder if they are two old for lovers, I remind them their aunt slept with her teddy bear until she married!


  4. Adalynn carries her Nemo everywhere! He has a gimpy fin just like the one in the movie and I can always tell when she is getting tired bc she will start running her cheek with that fin. She also has a nice warm fuzzy blanket that she calls her snow blanket. I can’t stand it! It always sheds and the fuzz balls always seem to find my black scrubs!


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