Children of the Newsroom

Given my job as a reporter, and Hubs’ role as a photographer, our kids have been going on assignment with us since their baby days.

They’ve been to the aftermath of several tornadoes. Last week, they attended their first perp walk. They know that on Election Night, you get free pizza in the newsroom.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yes, they’re exposed to things that other children aren’t.

But as a result, they’ve learned compassion, integrity, tenacity, and what it means to put yourself out there for the benefit for others.

They are old enough now to understand many of the stories that Hubs and I bring home.

Photography fascinates the E-man. And Tootie — well, she’s filled dozens of  notebooks with her stories and journal entries.

Times have been tough lately for newspapers. And for journalists.

But after an invigorating weekend out of town, mingling with journalists from eight states, I came back rejuvenated.

I believe in what we do. I am proud of what we do.

And so are our children.



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