Freebie Friday: Little Rock Mamas t-shirts

Happy Friday, everyone!

This week, I’m putting five of our hot-pink Little Rock Mamas t-shirts up for grabs.

To enter: Leave me a comment below in which you describe your mothering style in one word. Are you a free-range mom? A little helicoptery? Hippy? Traditional?

And now here’s a photo of the shirts:

Kristina, right, is wearing one.

3 thoughts on “Freebie Friday: Little Rock Mamas t-shirts

  1. I am just short of a stalker mom. I want to be in her business all the time. As she is getting older it is harder and harder. She is growing up and making new friends and doesn’t need me to be her bff. There are so many dangers that my mom didn’t have to worry about when she was raising 5 of us. It is SCARY! I am a little sad, but I will still be in her business until she gets a restraining order against me.


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