Gone, but never, ever forgotten

My heart hurts.

Around  five years ago, I started reading a blog by Susan Niebur, of Toddler Planet.

She had just been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer.

Two or three years ago, I asked her to guest post on my blog. Why? Because until Susan, I had never heard of inflammatory breast cancer. Until Susan, I had never seen such mama determination. This was a woman determined to live long enough to make an impact on her two little boys’ lives. The youngest was a mere newborn when she was diagnosed.

Today, Susan died.

I wish I could explain what a profound effect this woman — an astrophysicist for NASA, for crying out loud — had on the blogosphere.

I read her blog daily, marveling at her determination to live long enough to see her children started down a path that would, inevitably, not include their mama. She had so much information, so much advice, for women suffering not only from breast cancer, but terminal illnesses.

I can think of no one more deserving of the admiration and accolades than Susan.

Here is the post she wrote for you — the readers of Little Rock Mamas. I later sent her some  photos from Little Rock’s Race for the Cure.

I realize that at this time, many, including myself, question the Komen Foundation and its recent — and seemingly — political decisions.

But tonight? Well, Susan was someone who represented the pink, even though she sometimes questioned the, well … cuteness of the color and its accompanying parties.

Cancer isn’t pink.

It’s ugly. Red. Black. Hot. Hostile.

Pink is dainty. It’s not exactly representative of a fighter.

Susan was a fighter.

And tonight, in her memory, I’d like to offer a link to the post she wrote just for us, a few years ago.

Rest in peace, sweet mama.

You were courageous. You were tender. You were all every mother wants to be for her children.

You have made an impact on so, so many lives.





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