An overdue confession

So, as a member of the Girl Scouts’ North Hills Service Unit team, my job this year was to organize Milk & Cookies with the Mayor. This is one of the events that kicks off Cookie Season.

In planning the festivities, I decided it would be fun to hold a dessert bake-off that featured Girl Scout cookies. We had three judges: Pamela Smith of KATV, Brittney Johnson of KARK and Jennifer Christman of the Democrat-Gazette.

(A big thanks to them!)

Now, I like to cook, and I do a decent job of it.

But baking? Not my thing.

Nonetheless, I asked my daughter what she would like to bake.

Tootie loves this year’s re-introduced Lemon Coolers — known now as Savannah Smiles — and wanted to use those in whatever we made.

We ended up modifying a recipe for lemon bars by using a muffin pan and the Savannah Smiles as decoration. We dubbed our creation “Brownie Smiles,” since the cookies are smile-shaped.

“Brownie Smiles” did not win in the bakeoff, but one of the television stations offered a closeup of our cute little desserts in that evening’s newscast.

Hubs all but fell off the sofa laughing.


Well, here’s what the TV audience didn’t see.

It took Hubs 20 minutes to free the Brownie Smiles from their pan. Note the mutilated Brownie Smile on the left.


Whatever would I do without him?

And so I offer a big thank-you to my husband, for ensuring that Tootie did have a dessert to contribute to the bakeoff.


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