My sole bit of advice for 2012

If anyone were to ask me what makes for a good marriage and a happy family, it is this:

A sense of humor. A sense of the ridiculous. An ability to see the funny in everyday life, even when events conspire against you.

I am so grateful that I found a guy who loves to tell stories on himself. Who loves to tease. Who loves to laugh and whistle and sing random bits of songs.

(Note: When we were dating, I used to try to analyze the man based on what he was humming. I eventually learned that what sprang from the voice box came from what the man had most recently heard on the radio. Pity I didn’t figure this out earlier. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how lyrics applied to me or our relationship.)


I love that Hubs and I have the same twisted sense of humor.

I love that my kids are growing up with laughter.

Because even in our darkest times, Hubs and I can find a glimmer of hope in just a few self-deprecating jokes. It’s what we do, people. We are pros at finding the hilarious, even when it’s hiding in a pile of despair.


If you’re not yet married: Find a significant other who can laugh at himself or herself.

If you are: Find common ground in your shared sense of humor.

And if you have children: Teach them that laughter is a vital part of living.

And that there is no greater gift you can give them.

5 thoughts on “My sole bit of advice for 2012

  1. You hit that nail on the head. My hubs and I have been together for 12 years next month and will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this spring.

    Warped sense of humor was the first thing I noted about him. We openly hug each other and hold hands in front of our child. We tease each other in front of her as well.

    If we argue with each other (it’s rare) it’s when she’s not looking.

    Additionally, if you’re not married: Find someone who will respect you and that you can respect back. He should respect your feelings and views. Gender, education or (oh, gosh I speak from experience here) geographic origins are not factors that determine the level of respect that is deserved. Being called names is NOT a form of respect.

    Our children are sponges. They WILL take what they observe in their parents’ relationship and how they interact with each other and apply THAT to how they treat others in any relationship.

    Remind your loved one that you DO love them. Give them pats on the back on occasion, even if think they know they’re appreciated.


    1. Yes!

      We love the fact that our kids groan over our frequent moments of PDA.

      That, to me, is more important than just about anything we can teach them, that parents — aka married people — can still have fun together.


  2. So true! Laughter has helped us through the past year and a half. As dark as it has been, there was some levity. It’s those silly moments from our 13 years together we choose remember. And Nick sings and hums ALL THE TIME. I don’t even need a radio – it’s bad(ish) ’90s music nonstop with him.


    1. Exactly! It’s the perfect antidote.

      As for the humming —

      I still remember the night Hubs was singing bits of “She’s Got the Friday-Night Blues” and trying to figure out how on earth that applied to our very new relationship.


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