More canine mischief. Poor Hubs.

This evening, when Hubs got home from work, he headed outside to feed our two Aussies, Daisy and Bandit.

Now normally, the minute you open the door at dinnertime, both pups come running.

But on this occasion, only Daisy turned up. To say this was unusual would be an understatement. Bandit’s food bowl is his most prized possession.

Hubs called for Bandit.

No response.

Oh no, Hubs thought. He got out of the yard, and I’m going to be up all night looking for him.

Hubs shot through the house, through the front door, and began calling for Bandit again.

Which is when he heard our big red dog’s bark.

Hubs ran back through the front door, through the house and into the backyard.

Again, he heard that telltale bark. But where was it coming from?

Back and forth Hubs ran — front yard, backyard, front yard, back yard.

Finally, as he wandered through the backyard with Daisy tagging his heels, Hubs happened to look down while walking by our big green shed.

He saw a freckled snout. Bandit, apparently, had crawled under the shed and gotten stuck.

Hubs trekked back indoors, arming himself with a shovel, an ax and a flashlight.

Meanwhile, a gleeful Daisy ate both her dinner AND poor Bandit’s.

Hubs placed the flashlight on the ground, illuminating Bandit’s snout, and started digging.

Which is when Daisy, having polished off two meals, whizzed by.

On her way, she snagged the flashlight.

Hubs chased the bobbing light all around the yard to no avail.

Finally, after bribing Daisy with puppy treats, he retrieved his flashlight and continued digging.

Upon the tunnel’s completion, Bandit emerged triumphantly, looking none the worse for the wear.

Hubs, on the other hand, was sweating and exhausted.

I found him slumped on the front porch when I got home from the store.

“You would not BELIEVE what I’ve been through,” Hubs informed me.

But after hearing that our diabolically clever dogs were involved, well … I believed every word.


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