Children of the corn

Last Saturday, we joined Kristina (Moody Mom) and several other friends at Schaefer’s Corn Maze in Mayflower.

I’m proud to report that we didn’t need to raise the flags. Actually, we made it through far more quickly than I expected.

A few photos from Schaefer’s:

When told what the flags were for, the kids made a run for them. Clearly, they didn't think the adults would be able to navigate the maze.


Our version of bread crumbs. Jenn even made them look pretty!


The kids did NOT like all the picture-taking.


In her element. (Tootie went to horseback-riding camp this summer.)

Waiting in line for the hayride.


My baby, clowning around.

Another picture?

Three little girls at the pumpkin patch.

And later, that evening …

Mud & water fights!


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