Baby girl attends her first concert

You don’t forget your first concert.

Mine was Ronnie Milsap. My dad took me. I even remember Ronnie’s jokes that night.

Tootie also likes country music, especially when it’s performed by Taylor Swift.

On impulse, quite awhile after the tickets went on sale, I bought a couple. Tootie was thrilled.

My friend Kristina (Moody Mom) also was going, as were several other friends. Since Kristina’s daughter has an October birthday, Kristina decided to host a getting-ready party at Apricot Studio for the girls that were going.

They had so much fun, even my Tootie, who is a bit of a tomboy.

Tootie's manicure included peace signs and polka dots.


She was so excited about the concert, that we actually got a geniune smile from her, as opposed to the fake one she usually offers during picture-taking.


Waiting for face-painting and spray-on hair color.


She loved the swirls and glitter.


This is how the mamas entertained themselves. Get it? "LRM" for Little Rock Mamas!


Look at all those boots.


Part of the birthday festivities included shirts that Kristina monogrammed for the girls.

Tootie balked at the tiara, in case you hadn’t noticed.

“I’m not a fancy-nancy,” she said firmly, thrusting the tiara into my hands.

The concert was a lot of fun, especially given that my kid morphed into Fan Girl.

Tootie twirled her glow stick, hollered for songs and danced in her seat.

The next day, she went to school with blue and green streaks in her hair and an air of malaise, due to the lateness of the hour we arrived home from the concert.

But I’m told she wasn’t in the minority.

And as it turns out, a lot of teachers were tired for the same reason!

For more photos, head over to Moody Mom’s.


7 thoughts on “Baby girl attends her first concert

  1. Looks like fun!! I’ll have to introduce Kathryn to these girls one day! (Kathryn’s already met B, but they were itty bitty and it was at a park on Easter Morning and only because I recognized MISTER Tallgirl72 from the place formerly known as my employer.)

    My first concert was Peter, Paul and Mary. Mom and dad couldn’t find a sitter.


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