Hello, Poison Control? My kids bathed in toilet cleaner.

So Hubs bought those generic large, blue tablets that you put in your toilet tanks to help keep them clean.

Tonight, the children dumped one into the tub and both took baths in freaking TOILET CLEANER.

I walked in to see the E-man sitting in brilliant blue bath-water. Meanwhile, his oblivious sister was in posession of BLUE HANDS.

“WHAT did you PUT in the TUB?” I asked of the older child.

“That,” she said, pointing at the large, gelatin-looking tablet on the sink.

I looked at the E-man in the tub.

“Did you both take baths in that?!” I quasi-shrieked.

“We thought it was soap,” Tootie replied.

I took at closer look at the E-man.

People, his TEETH were BLUE.

“Did you put your head under?” I asked him.

Tentatively, he nodded.

Within minutes, I had both kids standing in the tub as I showered them off.

They did NOT like having their eyes and mouths rinsed.

The whole time, I lectured.

“If you don’t know what something is, you do NOT touch it!” I said, pouring water over both their heads.

I then called Poison Control to see if there was anything else I should do.

Do you KNOW how EMBARRASSING it is to tell someone that not one, but TWO of your children bathed in toilet cleaner?

Oh my hell. Oh the shame!

The guy who answered, however, is to be commended for not laughing.

“They’ll be fine,” he said.

Just blue for a few days, that’s all.

10 thoughts on “Hello, Poison Control? My kids bathed in toilet cleaner.

  1. I hope you at least were calm for a minute to get some pictures for memory lane!!! 🙂 they are preparing for the smurf movie to come out I guess!!! I’m glad they are ok when all is said and done!!!


  2. Wow! I would have freaked! Glad they r ok. when Mal was toilet training we used those disposable wipes. We ran out. She used the potty by herself. I asked if she wiped. She pointed to the Clorox wipes I keep in the bathroom. She wiped herself with Clorox wipes!


  3. OOPS, that comment was from me! My friend was over the house last night and she entered for the circus tickets!


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