Payday pedicures & disobedient-to-the-point-of-comedy children

This summer, a couple of girlfriends and I have created a biweekly cocktail/pampering hour.

Every other Friday — payday! — we meet at a downtown salon, soak our tootsies in warm, bubbling water, drink wine and catch up on one another’s lives.

It’s become treasured ritual, not only because it allows several mothers a chance to do something for themselves, but also to spend some time together — not an easy feat given our busy lives!


And now for an amusing, if somewhat maddening, tale:

This summer, Tootie has been begging to go in the deep end of the pool that her day camp class swims at. Tootie’s had only one round of swimming lessons, but is a little fish.  She loves the water and swimming.

I told her I would stop by the pool, check out the deep end and, if I was OK with it, she could start hanging out there. (She also wanted to be able to jump off the diving board.)

So on the appointed morning, I arrived at the pool. Upon walking through the entry way, the first thing I spotted was my daughter’s head.

In the deep end.

She saw me, dove underwater and swam like a rabid otter for the shallow end. Like I wasn’t going to NOTICE this blatant attempt to stay out of trouble?

Please. She is dealing with the master.

I called her over.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “I told you I was coming by to check out the deep end.”

“I know,” Tootie replied. “But I didn’t think you were coming.”

Oh, and that makes it BETTER? That you thought you were getting away with something?

Anyway, I told her yes, obviously she could swim in the deep end just fine, BUT that we would be having a talk about her disobedience that evening.

Just then, one of her friends ran up.

“Guess what! She’s been jumping off the diving board and playing in the deep end ALL WEEK!”

She paused, out of breath.

Oh, the joys of snitching!

Tootie plunged back into the water prepared to flee.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” I said. “You not only disobeyed, but lied. We will be discussing this tonight.”

My child is now grounded from the television and computer.

Why not the pool?

Because I want her active at day camp. I want her to keep practicing those skills in the water.

And because watching her little brother jubilantly manning the remote control is the best punishment I could have come up with!





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