Of horses and chemistry experiments

I think this is the longest I have ever gone without updating my now-dusty blog. But wow — this summer’s been busy. Amazing, but busy!

The week before last, Tootie went to a horseback-riding day camp. She loved it! And, even better, she learned a lot: how to groom and saddle a horse, how to herd geese, how to fish and how to take a deep breath and take chances.

I believe in letting kids try new things, even if those things may seem intimidating at first. And while Tootie was a little afraid of sitting on a horse without a saddle horn to hold onto, she did. And I predict that by next summer, she’ll be even more confident.

Last week, the E-man attended one of the Museum of Discovery’s summer camps.

He got to hold and pet reptiles, conduct experiments and make some new friends. The E-man had a great time. Each day, we got to hear about what he touched or what aluminum foil is capable of doing. Again, I believe in putting my kids in new situations, where they will learn to hold their own and experience their own successes.

Last year, I took on a new challenge myself when I signed up to be a Girl Scout Troop leader.

This year, I agreed to be part of the Service Unit team for our area.

More work, yes. But I love the thought of helping other girls challenge themselves, of watching them grow both in inches and in confidence.

I can’t wait to catch up with all of them when our meetings resume!

Summer is flying by. But I’m trying to soak up each day and each ray of sunshine.

Too soon, it will be gray and cold.

But for now, I’m sandal-happy and pool-bound!


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