Girl Scout Camp rocks!

I had an incredible time at Girl Scout Camp — so much so, that I’ve told Tootie she can go to a week-long resident camp next summer if she’ll also attend the weekend Mom & Me session so that I get to go again!

Last week, half of my troop attended the Troop Core Camp, along with me — aka as Fearless Troop Leader — and three moms.

I loved it all — the songs, camp names and traditions. Oh, and the chore wheel — not because I enjoy KP duty but because watching the girls’ expressions upon learning that they would have to scrub dinner trays and silverware by hand was priceless.

The girls went canoeing, horseback riding, swimming and rock climbing.

The latter was my favorite.

Our first morning there, we headed to President’s Rock, where three rock climbers were on hand to give us a lesson. One by one, the girls harnessed up and followed a rope up the rock. Another troop was there with us, and, like me, the leaders had decided they would attempt the climb as well. One leader, who was desperately afraid of heights, cried beforehand, but she did it!

It was so gratifying to see each of those girls — so tiny up on that big rock — trying something scary and new.

One of my girls, Bridgette, zipped right up there, stunning us with her determination and speed. Turns out she had overhead another troop leader promising ice cream for those who reached the top.

After descending, Bridgette walked up to her mother, Kristen, and asked, “When do I get my ice cream?”

Here’s a photo of Bridge:

Note the concentration, even as we cheered her on.

And here’s Tootie:


Starting out …


And here I am, waiting my turn. I have a photo of me at the top, but my cellulite is too noticeable. You’ll just have to take my word for it!


I am a vision of loveliness, no? *snort*

We stayed in screened-in cabins, which had ceiling fans. Heaven. Actually, it got pretty cool both nights, so much so that I was wishing I’d brought a sleeping bag instead of linens.


The campfire actually felt pretty good! We're making s'mores in this shot.



Moody Mom and me. Three days of no makeup — yay!



And here's Amy & Kristen! Kristen broke the no-makeup rule, but we decided to let her infraction slide.

Exiting my cabin. Moody Mom caught me off-guard.

She also got a nice shot of my rear as I descended President’s Rock. You’ll have to go here to see that one. (And then you’ll know why my camp name was “Cheeky.”)




5 thoughts on “Girl Scout Camp rocks!

  1. So glad to see pictures of camp – tell Miss Tootie I am so proud of her. What a great experience for all of the girls!


  2. Yes I had on makeup, which I explained was my sunscreen!!! Kristina borrowed it for that reason too!!! I think the landing strip sunburned person should have borrowed it too 🙂

    We sure did have a lot of fun and sooooooo proud of our Cheeky!!!!!


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