Of babes and pups

Last night, I babysat wee Josie for my friends Amy and Walt. And oh the sweet nostalgia! There’s nothing more peaceful than holding a sleeping baby. (Confession: I held her long after she conked out, remembering the days when my own two little ones would actually sleep in my arms.)

Of course, then I spent last night dreaming that I was one of those women who didn’t know she was pregnant until awakening in the hospital with a new baby in a bassinet next to her. Not sure why I was unconscious during the delivery, but oh well. Anyway, in this dream, my little baby slept for hours, waking only to nurse. Let me state for the record that neither of my very real children were quite this, er, cooperative!


Bandit, or Big Red, as I like to call him, continues to settle in. We put a big Rubbermaid tub on the deck and I swear — all this dog needs is a Speedo and a Cuban cigar to complete the picture. He loves the tub and will sit in it for long periods of time. Daisy is quite perplexed by this, as she firmly believes that water is for drinking. I think she’s also skeptical of  his frequent attempts to “swim” in their water bowls. (He places both front paws in the bowls and then pedals them, which, of course, means that we are constantly refilling water bowls, hence the big Rubbermaid tub!


I’m off to Girl Scout camp tomorrow, so will be incommunicado  for a few days. We’re attending a troop camp, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my girls!


Lastly, make sure you wander by Will They Eat It?, where you’ll find a recipe for this yummy dish:

Baked Shrimp Scampi with Asparagus. Heaven.


4 thoughts on “Of babes and pups

  1. I love holding babies while they sleep, just watching their innocence, and thinking about what a miracle they are.
    Have fun at Girl Scout Camp – can’t wait to hear about it.


  2. Looking forward to sitting on the porch, talking and watching fireflies after you get back from camp and I return from sunny southern California.
    Looks like Bandit is settling in nicely. Can’t wait to see him in the pool.


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