I’m baaaaaack! With a tan and a new dog.

For this year’s family vacation, we headed to Florida.

After four nights at Daytona Beach, we headed to my cousin Andy’s house, which is about 30 minutes or so from Orlando. The house, which is out in the country, was gorgeous. Andy’s husband, Greg, not only knows how to find antiques, but also how to display them. We felt as though we were staying at a four-star hotel.

Tootie and the E-man spent most of their time outdoors, however. Andy and Greg have chickens, goats, sheep and a donkey named Diego. The kids loved collecting the eggs and feeding the animals every day.

While at Andy and Greg’s, we got an email from an editor who was trying to figure out what to do with a wandering Aussie.

Let me introduce you to Bandit:

Note the adorably crossed paws.

This handsome boy is settling in nicely. He’s afraid of loud noises, but is sweet and friendly. He and Daisy (our other Aussie) wore each other last night. If you’re familiar with Aussies, you know what a feat that is.

And now a few photos from our trip:

Fun with boogie boards!

Fun with chickens!

Greg, Andy and Diego

3 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaack! With a tan and a new dog.

  1. Wish we could have been there too! Would loved to have seen Andy and Greg again, along with the animals. And Bandit is a great looking dog.


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