Freebie Friday: DVDs!

Happy Friday!

School is almost out, which makes this mama very happy. I love summer’s relaxed schedule and long days!

Today, I’m putting up two batches of new DVDs up for grabs: one set is for little ones, the other for older kids.

The first set includes: two Max and Ruby movies, Bunny Tales and Rainy Day Play; Yo Gabba Gabba’s Let’s Visit the Doctor; Timmytime’s Timmy Steals the Show; the Backyardigans in We Arrrrr Pirates; and John Deere’s Fun on the Farm.

For the older kids: SpongeBob in The Great Patty Caper; Bratz Good Vibes; Angelina’s Ballet Dreams; Diego Saves the World; Dora’s Ballet Adventures; and Nickelodeon’s Sisters and Brothers.

To enter: Leave a comment below sharing your favorite movies or cartoons from childhood.

I’ll post a winner Wednesday!

First set.

Second set.

7 thoughts on “Freebie Friday: DVDs!

  1. I loved Haley Mills movies, The Parent Trap and That Darn Cat were my favorites! For cartoons, Looney Tunes all the way!


  2. ‘The Never Ending Story’ was my favorite movie. Favorite show was Fraggil Rock, the Smurfs, electric company, and yes, Mr. Rogers.. I love Netflix because my kids get to watch them with me.


  3. My favorite movies growing up were The Fox and the Hound and Pete’s Dragon. I also had the follow along records of those two movies and had them


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