Please, just let me survive the whirlwhind that is May

So the other day I took Tootie in for her physical.

Oh my.

Once your kids are in grade school, the doctor asks them lots of probing questions:

How much milk do you drink every day?

Do you watch a lot of television?

Who lives with you at home?

Oh, great. Way to get the kids to narc on their parents.

By the last question, I was incredibly tempted to answer for Tootie.

Who lives at our house? Oh, it’s me, Tootie, the E-man and my crack-dealing boyfriend. Well, when he’s not in jail, I mean.

I know, I know. Doctors need insight into the kids habits and home lives. But I found the whole experience to be, oh, I don’t know … kind of judgey?


Is anyone else with school-age kids plumb wore out yet?

The kids are having a blast ā€” parties, field trips, dance recitals, talent shows, field day, etc … Me, I’m mentally drained.

Each morning I’m trying to remember who needs a beach towel that day or trying to figure out if I can sneak out of work three or four times for various events or calling friends to ask exactly what time dress rehearsal is again exactly?

The talk among educators and lawmakers these days is whether schools should run year-round since, you know, we don’t send our kids out into the fields these days.

Note to educators and lawmakers: These days, summer vacation isn’t needed for the kids. It’s the PARENTS who want a reprieve.

But ā€” should I make through this week without losing my sanity ā€” just one more full week of craziness awaits. Then it’s time for fireflies, swimming and family vacation!

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