C’mon summer!

I’m so ready for leisurely mornings (no race to get the kids off to school), lazy weekends at the pool, snow cones, sandals and fireflies.

We had a busy weekend. Our Girl Scout troop toured the Pulaski Humane Society. (The girls were enthralled. And they managed to wear out a litter of lab pups!) After that, Tootie and I headed over to a party held in celebration of my friend Amy’s new job. The kids had a ball playing outside while I got to play with TWO adorable 3-month-olds.

Sunday, Tootie and I took Daisy to the dog park, where our baby dog romped happily with new friends. She also wallowed in a mud pit. The most amusing moment, however, was when a male Aussie/border collie attempted to … er … perform an indecent act upon her. Poor Daisy looked so alarmed and horrified that everyone watching laughed. I believe her dignity suffered a blow. (Yes, she’s spayed. No worries there.)

Tootie adored the Humane Society's labs!

"What IS this creature who resembles me? You mean I'm not the ONLY baby in world?!" Claire, left, and Josie, right, enjoy some girl talk.

Daisy, after her frolic in the mud. Note the clumped fur. Sigh. She looks good and worn out though, no?

And here's my baby, making a tar pit for his dinosaurs.

3 thoughts on “C’mon summer!

  1. I remember the days of longing for school to be out, but it didn’t take long for you and your sisters to start complaining, “Mom, what can I do? I’m bored.”


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