Our devious dog

This morning, as I tried to rouse Tootie, Hubs walked into her bedroom cackling.

“Have you seen the carnage?” he asked.


“The kitchen. Have you been in the kitchen?”

“No, why?”

“The puppy had a busy night.”


“What’d she do?”

More evil laughter.

“Oh, you need to see it for yourself. There’s really no way to describe it.”

This bit of information actually motivated Tootie to leave her bed.

Together, we headed to the kitchen.

“Wow,” Tootie said.

Yeah, wow. Let me describe what Miss Daisy did last night after realizing the pantry door was open:

Tore open a bag of spaghetti and scattered it across the floor.

Ate six bags of fruit snacks.

Ate four brownies.

Ate half a row of Ritz crackers.

Left the packaging and assorted debris all over the kitchen floor. The dog isn’t exactly discreet.

Turns out that when Hubs found her this morning, she was attempting to open a package of cornbread mix.

She's not terribly discriminating when it comes to food.

4 thoughts on “Our devious dog

  1. We have to put or trash can out at night. Our dog, Buddy likes to spread that all over the kitchen. Aren’t they so thoughtful?


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