Black widow — *shudder*

So over the weekend, the E-man found a large, shiny black spider in his room.

After he and Tootie studied it, they wisely decided to consult Hubs on the matter. (Normally these two love catching and keeping all manner of creatures. In this case, they must have sensed evil.)

Hubs strolled into the room, shoe in hand and froze.

Now the Hubs and I are not spider fans. I think it’s all the legs. Or maybe the fangs. And tarantulas? *shudder* No spider should be … furry. Ick.

But the reason Hubs stopped in his tracks Sunday was because the thing on the E-man’s carpet looked very much like a black widow.

Sure enough, when Hubs flipped it over — after killing it — the spider sported the red telltale hourglass shape.

He wisely did not share this realization with the kids because we would like  to ensure that the E-man does not become a regular in our bedroom.

But after some frantic Googling, he took the kids to Lowe’s and commenced buying poison.

By the time I got home (I was at a Zumba class while all of this transpired), furniture had been moved, mattresses overturned and windows opened.

Let’s just say that Hubs is very thorough.

I’m not a fan of pesticides.

In this case, however, I am counting on their purported effectiveness.

Any tips on hunting down black widow nests? This is the first one we’ve found in the six years we’ve lived in this house!

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