Hairspray, Frye-style

So there was an, er, incident during this morning’s preparations for Crazy Hair Day.

If you didn’t read my last post about how much I dislike elementary schools’ Testing Kickoff Week, go here.

Briefly, in my efforts to overcompensate for not possessing team jerseys for the kids to wear on Team Shirt Day, I went a little overboard on Crazy Hat and Crazy Hair days.

And as a result, I am now wearing glasses instead of my contacts.

???, you may ask.

Well, it took half a can of hairspray to create a mohawk for the E-man. And then I added more fumes to the air with a can of pink hair-coloring spray for Tootie.

I spent the next few hours rinsing out my eyes with water and saline, to no avail. My eyes are now irritated, which meant hauling out the glasses.

I’ll refrain from carrying on about the sacrifices made for the little people.

But you can bet that next year’s Crazy Hair Day will NOT involve anything that comes out of a can.