What not to do during tornado season

So say you’re a dad at home with your two young children while your wife is out pursuing tornadoes with storm chasers.

The tornado siren goes off.

The power goes off.

You have no TV or internet to tell you what is going on outside. (And you ignored your wife’s suggestion to dig the weather radio out of her closet.)

Just then your cell phone rings.

Your wife — who is in the midst of the storm with a certified storm chaser who’s in constant contact with a local TV meteorologist as well as the National Weather Service — tells you that your little neighborhood with all its big, old, towering trees, has been told to take cover.

“Get the kids in the hall,” your wife says.

Your options — as a man sitting in the dark with two kids — are:

A.) Follow your wife’s advice. Because at least she is aware of what’s happening out there.

B.) Ignore the tornado siren and roaring wind while you question and argue with your wife about the weather situation.

Guess which option Hubs went with?

Which is why I spent my entire night more worried about what was going on at home than the fact that I was rocking down highways in pursuit of a twister.

5 thoughts on “What not to do during tornado season

  1. Not surprising! But I hoped that after last week he got the message – guess not. If it’s any comfort your dad would probably have done the same thing.


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