Dear Red-Headed Bully of my Childhood:

Why do you keep sending me friend requests on Facebook?

We were never friends. You made my life miserable. Any memory in which you play a role, even a minor one,  is unpleasant.

You pinched me. Mocked me. Tormented me.

Once, as I tried to ignore you during a church youth-group trip, you got mad and pulled out a hunk of my hair.

None of your Facebook requests has been accompanied by a message, maybe something along the lines of … “I’ve always felt bad for the way I treated you. I’m a different person now and would like to get to know you as an adult.”

I’m a forgiving person if I feel someone is sincerely trying to make amends.

Not so much when that person appears ignorant of or unwilling to acknowledge the kind of bullying you inflicted on me.

The only thing I can figure is that you’re curious about how my life turned out.

I’m happy.

The end.

Now go away.

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