Saturday’s MS Walk

Yesterday, the Word Herders gathered down at the River Market for breakfast and the fund- and awareness-raising walk for those who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

Three friends of mine have this unpredictable disease. I remain in awe of their grace, sense of humor and efforts to educate.

Our team was organized by Jenn, who was diagnosed last fall. She kindly brought bubbles for the kids and adorable orange accessories. After an outside breakfast, we headed down to the amphitheater to get our official team photo taken before beginning the walk. It was a gorgeous day and we had several babies along for the ride.

You can follow Jenn’s journey on her blog, Losing It.  And if you head over to Moody Mom’s blog, you’ll find her account of our walk!

Here are a few photos. I didn’t have my phone/camera handy when Heidi of In the Family Way arrived. But the twins were just darling. Another Little Rock Mama, Yavonda, of Baby and the Beasts also was there.

From left: me, Jenn, Kristina of Moody Mom and Yavonda of Baby and the Beasts.

Jenn brought butterflies for our hair!

Yavonda and Alaina.

Tootie loves Jenn's dog Ella.

Kristin and Kahlan.

Ella draws a crowd.

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