Freebie Friday and a teensy rant about school buses

Up for grabs: 101 Blender Drinks by Kim Haasarud. Just looking at the cover of this book makes me want to put on a big floppy hat and recline outside with my cocktail and oh, say, some chocolate.

See what I mean?

Maybe there’s an unwritten rule of which I’m unaware. If so, please enlighten me. Otherwise — is my kids’ elementary school the only one where school buses whiz by all the parents waiting in the drop-off line, only to abruptly cut in front of a car when it reaches the driveway?

This has aggravated me for a long time. It’s rude. And it’s dangerous. But yesterday a bus driver pulled an extremely stupid stunt that sent me over the top.

I had just pulled into the driveway when I caught a flash of yellow to my left. A bus actually squeezed in next to me and effectively pushed me out of line. I honked.

As she approached the curved portion of the drive in front of the school, the driver stopped. And sat. And sat.

Turns out, she couldn’t make the turn because I was beside her.

A man trotted over and asked if I could move a little more to the right.

I gritted my teeth and obliged.

Then he came back over.

“She said to tell her you need to get out of line, turn around and then get back in line.”

I glared.

“You tell her that she shouldn’t have tried to pass me in a driveway.”

He made an “oh-what-can-I-do?” face and shrugged.

I complied and then fumed all the way home.

Is this an issue at anyone else’s school?

5 thoughts on “Freebie Friday and a teensy rant about school buses

  1. My favorite summer drink is a nice cold frozen strawberry margarita with lots of tequila sitting around the swimming pool with all my best girlfriends!!! Nothing like just shots of tequila with lime and salt too 🙂


  2. I totally agree about the bus drivers..and you should report it to the transportation dept of the school district. I am a school teacher and have seen all kinds of dangerous driving in front of schools, to and from field trips. The schools need to put another adult on the bus to monitor students so that the driver can actually focus on driving.
    But after hearing of incidents occurring on buses…just be grateful you have the opportunity to drive your child to school each day. Some of the things happening would sicken you.

    As for the book…..I would love to have a copy of it…summer is quickly approaching!


  3. Do they have a number you can call to report dangerous driving by bus drivers? I’d make a formal complaint. If she disregards safety in the driveway, chances are she’s not doing better on the road way. “I drive a school bus” does not mean “I always have the right of way.”

    After you file your complaint, then have a blender drink to remain calm! 🙂


  4. Most school bus drivers drive way to fast. If there is a number to call i would be glad to!!! That just makes me mad


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