Prepping for flowers and picnicking!

What a gorgeous weekend!

Saturday we picked up some fried chicken and headed to Pinnacle Mountain. Not healthy, I know, but to me “picnic” is synonymous with fried food, potato salad, coleslaw, hot rolls, barbecue (beef, Texas-style!). Forget the boring old sandwiches.

After lunch, we wandered along the Kingfisher Trail before pausing at the area under the highway, where the creek is easily accessible. Tootie was most disappointed that she didn’t find any tadpoles. The E-man, however, was elated upon discovering a rather large dead fish.

And, after Tootie threw it into the creek, in an act of motherly love, I waded into the ice-cold water and used a stick to push the fish carcass back to shore, just so that the E-man could inspect it and poke at it some more.

The things I do …

During our fishing expedition (sorry, couldn’t resist), a couple and their son, probably around age 4 or so, arrived at the creekbank with a couple of camp chairs and lunch.

The little tyke saw my kids wading and commenced pleading.

The answer was an adamant no.

“Don’t touch that, don’t get dirty, don’t get your hands muddy, don’t take off your shoes, don’t throw rocks in the water, don’t, don’t, don’t …”

People. If you’re going to eat lunch by a creek, you’ve got to let the kid get his hands & feet wet. Sheesh.

Moving on.

Sunday evening, my Brownie troop met at a local community garden, where they are planting a shade garden, tending a lettuce bed, and, after the lettuce must be harvested, planting a couple of veggies of their choice.

The girls did a fantastic job of raking and clearing the area where they will plant flowers.

A big thanks to the folks at the Argenta Community Garden for letting us work with them this year. I think the girls will get a lot out of this experience.

Here are a few photos:

Raking and picking up leaves...

They filled several bags.

Not sure what was under discussion here. Maybe what colors of flowers to plant?

Trying to make sure she pulls weeds and not plants!

6 thoughts on “Prepping for flowers and picnicking!

  1. The girls were darlin’. They worked very hard and are much appreciated! Thanks you for thinking of us (at the Argenta Community Garden) for the girls to do a little community service! Hope they all glad their pansies pressed! Looking forward to some fun Sundays.


  2. I love it! Mal had a blast. She came home wanting to plant stuff at home. I have a place for her to plant at home as well. She is so excited about this experience. Who knows what her and Bridgette were talking about. It was interesting I am sure:)


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