How to feel like a jerk

I’m not a fan of our elementary school’s Test Kickoff Week.

We have Crazy Sock Day, Team Shirt Day, Crazy Hat Day and Crazy Hair Day.

Socks and hair I can handle.

But when it comes to team shirts and hats? My options are these:

Buy them or feel like a mean, ol’ party pooper.

We don’t already have team shirts or jerseys. And they tend to be more expensive than regular T-shirts. So today, the kids went to school in their regular school shirts. I promised we would go buy hats for tomorrow.


Anybody have any ideas where “crazy” hats are concerned? Especially for a little boy? Help!


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7 thoughts on “How to feel like a jerk

  1. I remember for crazy hat day we had a goofy hat that Colt wore one time. Now he wears a purple hat (school colors) that we found at party city. I would look for something bright and big.


  2. Maybe a cowboy hat decorated crazy for the E man? I know you MUST have a cowboy hat somewhere in your house since you’re from Texas. (Is that a law?)


  3. I like the cowboy hat idea.
    But I relate to this post because I HATE a similar week at our day care. It’s too much to keep up with. At ours, they have different thinks for pre-K and toddlers, so I have to keep up with 10 different weird little things in one week. It’s maddening. Course, the kids do seem to love it. Grrr.


  4. I thought it was just hat day, not crazy hat day. I could be wrong though 😦
    For the jersey day, Bridgette wore one of her daddy’s bronco’s jerseys and i modified it by cinching it up in the back with a hair scrunchie!!!! 🙂


  5. if only my brain wasn’t mush right now .. I’m sure I could come up with a good idea …. maybe a hat with the top cut out and then a clown wig underneath? see, i told you my brain was mush!


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