Last night, Hubs and I hosted a gathering for some old friends in town for a fantasy baseball league draft. (I know. I know. The draft is something I must endure each year, just like my old friends Kim and Elisa.)

Anyway. Last night, our house was full of babies!

There was infant Josie, 9-month-old Zane and toddling Gabi. It was heaven. Lots of cuddling, stroking of fuzzy baby heads, inhaling of new-baby scent. Sigh.

The best part? My kids are now at the age where we can throw an impromptu party and I can enjoy a babyfest EVEN AS I KNOW that I will get to go to bed and sleep through the night afterward!

‘Tis the best of both worlds, truly.

The little ones were adorable — lots of chubby baby feet! — and we (including Tootie) loved trying to prompt smiles, coos, blown kisses and clapping.

It was a wonderful evening, not just because of all the babies present, but because we were with old friends, the kind of friends where you pick up just where you left off, even if it was a year or so ago.

Tonight, ours will be going to bed early — too many spring-break-related late evenings — and Hubs and I will enjoy a comfort dinner that I picked based on the cold and gray.

But I have to leave you with this: My own sweet babies, curled up together in the glider once used to rock them to sleep.

Aren't they cute? They did this all on their own. I love seeing them snuggled up together!

One thought on “Babypalooza!

  1. they are getting so big. can’t believe it! and, of course, I am imagining JOsie hanging out in her glider one day.


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